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White Oak Flooring Pros

White Oak Flooring Pros

Installing a new floor takes a lot of consideration. From the building material to use to which option will fit within your budget, each factor will matter when making this investment. While there are several building materials available from synthetic laminates to natural hardwoods, each material has their own specific characteristics. Gaining an understanding of these characteristics are what will allow homeowners and builders to make a wise and educated decision that will suit the decor of their home and the types of abuse the ozola grīda may have to withstand. Oak is a popular material used for cabinetry as well as flooring. Many builders with larger budgets looking to build a high scale home have decided the white oak flooring pros and characteristics outweigh the exorbitant price.

This wood is commonly found in forests in the eastern region of the United States. The light distinctive coloring that is ash-gray in color has been a preferred choice in modern and contemporary homes. The patterns of the grains and coloring are more prominent in white oak in comparison of red oak and is an appealing addition to any home and provide an ambiance that opens up any room.

Aside from the obvious visual benefits, white oak wood plank flooring is extremely durable and rated a 1360 on the Janka hardness scale. With most domestic woods rating between 1000 and 1400, this wood can stand the test of time. Unlike some of the other woods used for domestic and commercial flooring, white oak is nearly unaffected by light exposure and is not photosensitive. It is also resistant to insects and heartwood decay that is commonly found in natural woods.

For installers working with white oak flooring planks, it is moderately easy to work. Because of all of the white oak flooring pros, it is easy to understand why this form of oak is also used in other applications including pallets, paneling and barrels.


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