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Spend Time Visiting The Attractions of Vienna

Spend Time Visiting The Attractions of Vienna

The Austrian city of Vienna is famous for its art and music scene. The whole city can be compared to an open-air museum. It definitely is an art lover’s paradise. There are statues and artifacts all over and offer the perfect European feel. The city has been part of different eras and is believed to have been in existence since time immemorial.

The city has an international airport serving flights to Vienna from the US and Canada. US Airways and Air Canada have non-stop flights to the city. However there are no direct flights from Northern England, Africa and parts of Asia. But, there are good connections available from other European countries. There even are some cheap airline flights operating from major airports of Germany.

The city offers a lot of sightseeing opportunities. Walking tours are very popular to see the different parts of the city, making it a place of choice for budget tourists. The city is famous for it music scene, having played host to some of the world famous composers, like Mozart. There are a number of classical music shows between May and December. Some of the shows offer cheap tickets during the peak tourist season, when most opera houses run full house shows and there are plenty of performances to pick and choose from. Of course, this is the perfect time to visit the city’s State Opera to catch a moving operatic performance. The Umzug wien  Orchestra is world famous, and it travels around the world to showcase its magical talent.

A visit to the Natural History Museum is well worth it, with the oldest artifact as old as 24,000 years on display. The city has some of the most spectacular medieval buildings in Europe. The Danube just cuts the city into two halves. Vacationers should be mistaken that the city offers just medieval history. There are lots of things to do and enjoy even if it is a family vacation. And, cheap flights to Vienna are an incentive. One of the choices available for those wanting to do something more than the typical touristy stuff is the fun fair in the city that has one of the oldest Ferris wheels and is a fun place to spend time with kids and family members. The party scene is also very good and vibrant. There are many bars and pubs around to enjoy. Another interesting place to spend a relaxing time is naturally heated spas. These offer Jacuzzis and steam rooms where people can refresh and rejuvenate.

Be sure to visit the palaces and castles dotting the city. The Hofburg is a huge imperial palace where vacationers can see a chapel, royal apartments, church and museums. The castle is huge with 18 wings and over 2,000 rooms. The architecture of the castle complex is of different styles, including neoclassical, Gothic and baroque.

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