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I Need to Get Laid – How to Get There

The 10 Rules You Should Live By That Will Dramatically Improve Your Sex Life

This guide is just that – a little mini report for you to take out and post on your wall or whatever you want to do, so that you can improve your love life. You’ve got to live these rules. Take action on these everyday.

1 – Trust Your Gut.
We all have this in ourselves. We see a smoking hot girl and our heads explode. We start thinking 5 different things – “oh, she has a boyfriend” or “she is too attractive for me” as well as any other strange thought. No. Our real instinct is telling us that there is an attractive women and we want to go meet her. So, GO DO IT. Build up this instinct and you’re well on your way.

2 – State Your Intentions.
So you go over and start chatting to her. You start talking about the weather. Maybe you talk about school. Maybe you even start talking about 2 girls fighting outside that you saw just before. No. She knows why you are there. She isn’t stupid. Start your new habit – you tell her what you want from her. Do it sooner rather then later too. She’s only going to admire you more for not beating around the bush.

3 – Socialize.
If you’re staying in your house all day and night, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, you’ve got work to do. Get out there and start meeting people. Just talk for the sake of talking. Make new friends. It’s easy and it will come over time if you have trouble. Start cracking jokes about things around you. You’ll naturally gravitate towards those who share common interests. Make this a habit. Everyday. You get out there and you start talking to people. And at the very least, you get in contact with all your old friends on a regular basis.

4 – Less Masturbation.
That’s right. I know you hate me for writing this – but it’s true. Enough of you stroking your little chicken. You don’t need that anymore. Not only does it make real life mini sex dolls less enjoyable but it also kills your sex drive. Besides, you’ve got to start acting like you’re good with women right? Does a guy who has women on call masturbate 5 times a day, every day? No. If you have to release, make it a weekly or at most bi-weekly habit.

5 – Take a Risk.
Okay. You’ve been wanting to try Bungee jumping for a while? Do it. You’ve been wanting to jump out of a plane for a while? Do it. You’ve been wanting to join that Boxing class for a while? Do it. Start a business? Do it. Get out and apply for some work? Do it. Do whatever you’ve been wanting to do but you’ve previously been too scared to follow through on. Why? This builds your edge. Hell, this isn’t even about women in particular right now. You want to be a guy who lives life how he wants it. Being curled up and coddled like an infant while letting life pass you by just isn’t going to cut it. Here’s a tip: if you haven’t been approaching women before, you can use this as your starter for taking a risk. Get ready to step out of that comfort zone. You’ll thank me later.

6 – Are You Living A Lie?
The most common advice you’ll ever get – Be Yourself. You know what? Screw that. I bet you read that and you thought to yourself “but Jay, I already am myself!”. No. You’re the person that other people expect you to be. The other person that you’ve helped mould yourself into so that other people accept you and you don’t rustle too many feathers. I say forget him. How do you act when you are alone in your bedroom? You are completely comfortable with yourself, right? Now I guarantee that when you see and talk to attractive women you either start to fumble because of your insecurity, or you live another persona to try and impress her – this again borne from insecurity. No more. Be honest with yourself. Be honest with her. You come up to her and tell her that you want her with no backing down and no b*llshit, she’ll cling to you like never before. Real people are hard to come by – they are like a commodity on their own. Be real. Make it happen.

7 – No More Information Overload.
If you’ve been around reading advice like this for a while I bet your mind has been thrown a tonne of information that seems to contradict itself. Guess what? A lot of it does. Now guess what else? A lot of it is written by marketers who have no idea how to REALLY get women in real life. Or a lot of it is written by guys who really just aren’t that good with women but portray that image. I’m telling you right now. This is it. You do NOT need more. After you read this material and apply it, the only other thing I want you reading in the future is material about making women squirt. Seriously. Once your so comfortable approaching and conversing with women, knowing a little thing like that will just enhance every interaction. You’re not scared. You’re not afraid. Instead you KNOW that you can make this girl squirt – and that, my friends, is real power.

8 – Start Working Out.
Look man. I’m not telling you to become a bodybuilder or anything by any means but getting into a constant exercise routine is going to do you wonders. I’m not even talking about physique here. I’m talking about building your testosterone. The effect testosterone has on your body is far too advanced to get into right now but in short you will increase your willpower, your sex drive and your ability to think on your feet immediately. Not a bad deal, hey? This here is part of building your edge. You want to be masculine. Personally, I think the Spartan Health Regime is a great little program to help you out immensely. I speak from personal experience and my results with women increased exponentially just from following this lifestyle plan alone. I used to be a fat kid. No more.

9 – Enough With The Porn.
You’ve just got to start seeing women as humans beyond the sex doll thing that porn portrays. You know what? I didn’t think this mattered at all myself. And then I met a now-friend of mine who is amazing with women. You know what he told me? That he has never watched porn in his life. That it doesn’t interest him. I couldn’t believe it. Then I tried it out. Come back to me once you’ve done this for a few months. You’ll damn start approaching women just from this alone!

10 – Actually Approach Women.
Speaking of which… start approaching women, man! They aren’t going to start magically falling into your lap otherwise they would’ve by now. And if they eventually do, come and see me and tell me your secret. Look, I know you’re thinking “Jay, I don’t have the confidence now, but when I do, I will do it!”. No. I don’t want to hear that. Why? Because you only gain the confidence after you start doing the activity for a while. Did Michael Jordon become a great basketball player before he started? Of course not. So get on your bike. And start pedalling. Push the limits. You’ll only grow stronger and stronger with each attempt. It’s all in good fun, anyway.