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How Smoking Pollutes the Planet

How Smoking Pollutes the Planet

Smoking is a big issue that has been the middle of controversy for a lot of years. There are many different opinions surrounding cigarette smoking and how it affects people and the environment. It’s been known for many years that smoking causes various medical problems and this is one of the biggest things smokers use in their defense. They believe they are only hurting themselves so why does anyone else care if they smoke or not.

Years ago, this was a good defense but things have changed over the last several years. We now know that cigarette smoke affects more than the person doing the pm 2.5 smoke pollution. Second hand smoke causes many health problems for anyone in the surrounding area and it does pollute the air. In fact, there are more than four thousand chemicals released into the air when a smoker exhales.

As a smoker, you might think that you don’t smoke enough to do any real damage and if you were the only person to smoke that would be true. However, when you take into consideration all of the smokers in the world, that’s an awful lot of chemicals being released into the atmosphere just from cigarettes alone.

Another thing that many people don’t realize is that smoking can also pollute the ground and water supply. If you’re wondering how, think for one moment about where all those cigarette butts end up. Millions of them end up being thrown on the ground where they pollute the soil and others end up in the lakes and streams that feed the water supplies.

Consider for one moment the enormous impact that producing cigarettes create. Harmful pesticides and other chemicals are used on the tobacco plants and think about all of those trees that are being cut down to make the packages they’re placed in before they can be sold. Add in the energy and water used to make them and you can see how much of an impact cigarettes actually have on the planet.

New laws are being put into place to prevent many people from smoking in public places. These laws are meant to help reduce the amount of pollution caused by smoking cigarettes. It’s expected that even more laws will be put into place in the future.