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Brian Fanale Review – Who is He?

Brian Fanale Review – Who is He?

Brain who? Oh, Brian Fanale, that guy! Of course I know him!

The above statement wasn’t so common just a few short years ago. In fact only, 4 years ago. It was more common to hear “I have no idea who Brian Fanale is”. Why? Because he hadn’t, at the time, made his online introduction as of yet. Little did we all know, and probably Brian himself didn’t know, that he was going to be an influential powerhouse for all for online world to see and learn from.

A short time ago, Brian Fanale was a bartender who, like most bartenders, was struggling to survive financially and didn’t know what life was like to live everyday with abundance.

One day, Brian, fed up with the way his life was headed, became a student of learning from a few leaders what were in the MLM industry. From that point on, Brian Fanale made the decision to enter into MLM world and rise in the ranks next to the leaders that were his inspiration. Of course, as eager as Brian was to begin his MLM empire, things didn’t go so smoothly at first. He failed miserably from the get go. Failing to sell products. Failing to recruit. Just simply..well…failing.

Brian Bulatao to know, and searched to find, the “weapon” or “secret” that would explode his MLM business, thus providing for himself a life of abundance. He wanted to free himself of the spiral that dragged him down into a financial abyss.

OK already..so what did Brian Fanale do? Get to the point! Long of the short is that with his strong work ethic, his desire to achieve MLM success and having the world “failure” erased from his existence, Brian learned the valuable principles of attraction marketing; the ability to position yourself as a leader by providing value to others thus creating an abundance of leads, which leads to sales. I know, that’s a long sentence but an accurate one to express what Brian Finale did to reach the top of his game.

Attraction marketing is a principle that allowed Brian to live in a state of complete fulfillment by blowing out his company’s sales contests and is now one of the top 5 earners in his primary business.

I want to know the company that Brian Finale is involved in?

Brian makes his fortune as a distributor of Wealth Masters International and promotes his business via CCPro (Carbon Copy Pro). I will be writing a CCPro review shortly, so keep an eye out for it.

Brian SOUNDS great, BUT is he the REAL DEAL?

In other words, is this guy a “player” and not for real? The answer is an unequivocally…NO! He IS the real deal. He loves to teach others how to be a success. He’s a real entrepreneur with a giving heart. A TRUE mentor. In fact, Brian is one of the most respected leaders in the MLM industry.

I’m convinced…but should I join Brian Finale?

I have no idea if you should. It really depends on wha your looking to do in the MLM industry. What are your goals? What interests you? Always remember this, and this goes for any leader, it doesn’t matter how successful Brian Finale is in his MLM business because it doesn’t guarantee your success in your business endeavors.

Of course, I wholeheartedly recommend Brian Fanale as a partner in business BUT, is his primary company, Carbon Copy Pro, the right fit for you? It may or may not be. It is my suggestion that you first research his company, or any company for that matter, prior to making an investment in your time and money. You must first do your due diligence.

Can Your Path to Success Be Shortened With The Help of Brian Fanale?

I cannot be more confident in answering this question with a resounding…yes!

If Google Brian Fanale, you will see many more reviews on this man. Why? Because he has been a true mentor and inspirational leader. He teaches the principle of Attraction Marketing that so many MLM entrepreneurs have no clue about. His advice is golden and should be heeded.

So, What Are His Secrets? That’s the beauty of it! There are no secrets! So many internet entrepreneurs, including myself, earning 7 figure incomes, will tell you that Brian does not have any secrets.

The sad fact is that MLM distributors are their own road blocks to success. Why? Because they are ignorant to learning an implement amazing marketing techniques. Quite frankly, they have never been taught the correct way!

If you want to stop wondering why success in the MLM industry is constantly avoiding you, then you need to adhere to two things:


  1. Lead Generation-Focus on lead-generating activities on a daily basis. Learn and master basic traffic skills and do them on a consistent basis. DO NOT try to sponsor anyone else until you master this skill.
  2. Laser Targeted Leads-Only talk to leads that are interested in what you have to say. Do not BUY leads. The best leads are the ones you generate on your own and who are truly excited to hear from YOU.
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