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Above Ground Pool Vacuums Compared

Many people might claim that above ground pool vacuums are a necessity rather than a luxury and I am inclined to concur, especially if you have a big pool.

The largest job in maintaining your swimming pool is manually cleaning the grime and debris off the floor. Since it is too heavy to float in the pool water it doesn’t get sucked into the filter via the skimmer and falls to the floor. As a result, you either have to clean it manually or with a specially designed pool cleaner.

These days, there are lots of assorted tools to assist you to do this however the easiest to use, by far, are the automatic swimming pool cleaners that are obtainable in both in-ground and above ground designs. Without one, you’ll end up in the swimming pool, washing the floor every couple of days or even more regularly if outside conditions drive foliage and grime into the best above-ground pool vacuum.

Varieties of In-Ground and Automatic Above Ground Pool Vacuums And Cleaners

Automatic Suction-Side Vacuums

Suction-side cleaners are powered by the suction generated from your swimming pool pump. This allows them to travel round the pool floor where they vacuum up the dirt. The pool water is sucked through your filter so extra water is drawn through the system in a shorter time period.

As there’s no requirement to put in any extra plumbing or pumps, suction-sides are regularly half the cost of other cleaners. However, because they suck material directly into your filter and pump basket, they can create problems if the skimmer gets blocked.

This is a frequent occurrence if your swimming pool is in a place that has a lot of trees. Setting up a leaf trap will help avoid this problem since it stops the bigger stuff before it gets to the pump basket. If your suction cleaner doesn’t have a leaf collector, you could be able to put one in the cleaner hose.

Some suction side cleaners are capable of “scrubbing” the pool sides. It does this by agitating itself as it moves around the swimming pool. This reduces the frequency you will need to brush clean the pool. And, since it draws debris straight into your filter, it can remove much smaller particles than a pool vacuum with a bag.

If you do not generally have vegetation in your pool, the daily grime and dust should not clog the skimmer basket.

If you pick this type of vacuum for your pool you have to be sure you keep the filter clean. If the filter is blocked the suction will be lessened and so it will move less easily and cleaning will be adversely affected.

Pressure-side Automatic Pool Cleaners

In contrast, pressure-side vacuums are powered by water pressure, generated by a pump, and include interior vacuum bags.

The force drives the vacuum round the pool and forces the debris into the bag. It doesn’t draw material into your pool filtration system or pump basket which means you do not need to vacuum them so frequently and they can manage leaves. However, they are not able to filter small particles through the bag and don’t scour the walls very well either.

The cost of a pressure side pool vacuum is dependent, partially, on whether or not you go for a booster pump or use the swimming pool’s main circulation pump.

A dedicated booster pump is inclined to clean the pool slightly better and go on for a longer time than using the main pump but it’s an additional outlay and will need a dedicated line installed.

Robotic Swimming Pool Vacuums

Robotic pool cleaners are self-contained items which run separately from your main pool filter system so don’t require hoses.

They are driven by internal electric motors that are powered via an outdoor outlet. They have a transformer and power cable that changes the electricity to a lower voltage after being plugged in.

Robotic above ground pool vacuums pump dirt straight into the internal filters and come pre-programmed. The on board computer chip diagnoses any issues and “learns” the contour of your swimming pool. Some have a remote control that allows you to shuffle the cleaner round the pool and as a result you could scour any spots it may have missed.

Robotic swimming pool cleaners are excellent at removing small debris and deposits. It can additionally scour the tile line in addition to the walls.

Due to the powerful pump inside which sucks up the dirt they’re also a great method to increase the water circulation in the swimming pool.

All this functionality comes at a cost however, and robotic pool cleaners are among the most expensive on the market, with prices ranging from $400 to $2000 plus.

Above ground pool vacuums not only help keep your pool looking sparkling, they also save you time and effort giving you many additional hours to enjoy relaxing rather than cleaning.