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The Popularity of Wild West Collectibles

The Popularity of Wild West Collectibles

The popularity of Wild West collectibles is not difficult to understand, and outlaws of the Wild west collectibles are amongst the most popular. That also is easy to understand, since many people have a softy spot in their hearts for these almost mythical gunslingers of the past. Many are unlikely heroes, such as Jesse James and Billy the Kid, and the reality is probably somewhat different to what we have made them.

Most children have often played at being cowboys, and few have never been given some item associated with cowboys as a present at one time or another. Cowboy films used to be among the most popular genre over the last decade, and I am sure that some of you will still be familiar with the names of Roy Rogers and Trigger, Hopalong Cassidy and Topper and Gene Autry and Champion. Along with the cowboy went his horse, even if was version 2 or 3.

However, these film and stage cowboys were created for the screen, unlike the old outlaws of the Wild West who were real people. It is mystery how they became to become icons of an age when life was held cheaply, and an argument frequently led to death. However, it happened, and these famous outlaws are sometimes regarded as heroes in their own right. Regarded as modern Robin Hoods rather than the murderers that many of them were.

This adulation has extended to many people collecting items that are relevant to that period of wild west. Outlaws of the Wild west collectibles, for example, include articles such as wall plaques that display a replica of the gun used by the particular outlaw featured, along perhaps with other items such as badges or bullets. Also commonly available are boxed sets of guns, such as a replica of Jesse James’ gun, or the one Pat Garrett used to kill Billy the Kid. These can come with other items such as sheriff’s badges, wanted posters and the like.

The internet contains many sites offering collectibles such these, and a simple search should find you what you want. Many adults still have a soft spot for that period, and like to have some form of collection in their home to remind them of it.

A number of outlaws came into prominence during and just after the Civil War. These were hard times and the economic consequences of the war were severe. Many men had no option but to resort to robbing stagecoaches and banks to stay alive, and many of the famous outlaws of history started off their careers as bank robbers and Wild West highwaymen. It was easy to become an outlaw, and they also gave rise to their lawful counterparts, the sheriffs and marshals.

Although they are described as ‘law enforcers’ many of these officers were gunfighters themselves who found it easier and safer to accept an offer to maintain the law rather than to break it. One such example was Wyatt S. Earp, who was wanted when he went to Tombstone and fought the gunfight at the OK Corral. He and his bothers were arrested for murder, but cleared by the court. Being a law enforcer was by no means an easy job, and you had to have a fast gun and a quick eye to remain alive in such a job in frontier towns, where the law was made and enforced ‘on the hoof’.

Also popular collectibles of this era are the old badges, especially those of the marshals and sheriffs. The authentic articles are very difficult to find, but the replicas are excellent and well made, replicating the real thing exactly.

Wild West collectibles are available for just about every aspect of the Old West, and can even be used to create a Wild West theme room in your home. These are increasing in popularity as people try to outdo each other in impressing their visitors. A Wild west themed room would be great for dinner parties, and perhaps make a change from the usual Egyptian or Oriental themes.

A spittoon in the corner (though not for use hopefully) and a few wall plaques showing off replica guns of the outlaws of the Wild west and their counterparts, the sheriffs. One or two wanted posters, and a few badges on display. If you really want to make the neighbors jealous, you could convert an old covered wagon as your bar with a steer’s skull on the wall. Wear your six guns on crossed belts with quick draw holsters, and you’ll be the talk of the town.

If you are looking for a new hobby, this could be it. Bring back your childhood and remind yourself of the days when you and your buddies went out on your imaginary horses shootin’ up the town and fighting the baddies and get yourself some outlaws of the Wild West collectibles. Their popularity has never been higher.

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