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Landing Page Optimization?

The page on your site that a visitor first lands on when he/she comes to your site is called the landing page. All visitors may not enter your website from the home page itself. For instance, if you have any PPC campaigns, then you can choose the page on which your visitors should land on. This is the same with email marketing campaigns as well. When people look for products and services that your business offers, search engines may show the page that is most relevant to those products and services from your site. Hence, when the users click on the search results, they will land on the page that was shown in the result. As a result, every page on your site can act like a landing page.

What is landing page optimization?

Landing page optimization refers to the process of refining your page optimizer pro in order to improve conversion rate. You will want any visitor to your site to engage in it, make an enquiry, make some sort of transaction, create an account, etc. All these actions that the visitor may take on your site are called conversions. You should ensure that the landing page gets the desired results for you if you want visitors to your site to convert.

Why is landing page optimization important?

Facts show that 5 out of 100 visitors to a page are likely to convert. However, all these statistics apply only to sites that spend a lot of time and effort in optimizing their landing pages. The conversion rate will be very low for a site whose pages are not optimized. It can become a lost opportunity to get a potential customer if a visitor does not convert. If you have email marketing, PPC and other such campaigns running, it can also lead to a lot of expense. Hence, if you are serious about your business site doing well online, you have to optimize your landing pages.

Understanding your visitors

The first step in optimizing your pages is to understand the needs of your visitor. Though each visitor is different and the general behavior of the visitor to different sites may be different, most people will expect the same basic things. These are:

· Assurance that the site is correct for their needs

· Performance as per the user’s expectations

· Interesting enough to make the visitor stay on the page

· Credibility and trust worthiness

· An assurance that other people who visited the site and converted are happy with it

· Good speed

How to optimize landing pages

Given below are some of the tips that may be followed while optimizing landing pages on your site:

Understand the visitors to your site

There are many tools available that can tell you how your visitor may behave on your page. You may analyze these facts and understand your visitor’s behavior on the site. This is the first step in making your visitors convert.

Only essential elements on the page

It is important for you to know what elements your page should have so that it attracts visitors and helps them convert. This may also change for different marketing platforms. What a PPC campaign may require on the landing page may be different from what SEO requires.

The page should keep up to the visitor’s expectations

Every time a visitor clicks on a link in an email or PPC advertisement, he/she will have certain expectations about how the page should be. It is very important for the pages to meet these expectations. If that does not happen, the visitor may leave the site and never visit again.

The conversion for all the pages does not have to be the same

The criterion for conversion for all of your landing pages does not have to be the same always. For example, the conversion criteria for a services page may be an enquiry by the visitor while the conversion criteria for a newsletter could be a subscription.

The page should minimize options for the visitor

This is especially applicable to PPC and email marketing campaigns. The visitor may not have many options if all the navigation from the page is removed. Though you need to keep navigation in an SEO landing page, you can keep only the ones that are relevant to that particular page.

The landing pages should have a clear focus

The message and the focus of the content on the page are very important in landing page optimization. If the page has too many different things, it can confuse the visitor.

Importance to what is “above the fold”

The part of a page that is seen on the screen first when the page opens is called first fold. It is important that the content above the fold is interesting and holds the visitor’s attention. This is important because it can convince the visitor to either scroll down for further information or to convert.

The call to action on the page

The element on a page using which a visitor can convert is called call to action. This could be an inquiry form, add to cart button or check out buttons. It is important to make this element prominent and easily visible to your visitors.

Try and reduce unnecessary action

There are certain things that you need to ensure on your page to minimize unnecessary action from the visitor:

· Make sure that the tab button works as well as clicking on the links of the pages

· Keep only absolutely essential fields if there is a form on the page

· Wherever possible, allow auto population, auto complete and drop down selections

Don’t stop testing the pages

It is very important for optimizing landing pages of a site because the behavior of the visitor may keep changing from time to time. Just because the conversion improved on your site does not mean that is the best option that you have got. There are always options that can make your page perform better.