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Isolating a Photo Composition With Clipping Path Services

Isolating a Photo Composition With Clipping Path Services

Regular graphic designers often get confused which tool is best for isolation. There is a choice of magic wand, pen, extraction, quick mask and even the eraser tool, all of which makes clipping path services a unique way to redesign photos for several clients. When adjustments and creating curves are required, it is best to set it (the digital photo) off against a white background. That can always be changed later. Creativity can be added once the object is isolated. For example, in a group photo that has a over exposed background and some people are missing or need to be cut off from the main composition, isolation is the best way to tweak the photo. But let’s go to the beginning of the process to understand how it works.

One of the most reliable tools in Photoshop is


. It can also be integrated with other processes to bring final results. When an editor starts work on any image, he will start with the Pen Tool. This tool sketches the path that needs to be isolated. Once the path is drawn, the next step needed is to open the quick mask or the magic wand, depending on the difficulty of the extraction involved. There may be a need to use the magnetic lasso too. With these tools a work path is created. Different editors get different results depending on their level of competence in using the tools for isolation and working on the desired path. Depending on the need either a clean path would be required or it may need to be deleted, or make a background transparent, or even copy the path elsewhere for additional editing. Different processes can be manipulated to edit the image. The main reason isolation is done is to clean the frame.

Clipping paths can be processed in Photoshop, QuarkXPress or QuarkCopyDesk also. An editor working on a different platform can also use an alpha channel or embedded path to isolate a photo composition. These work when the images are in high resolution. This process is helpful to hide areas that are not needed. The focus is only on the parts that need to be highlighted. One can manipulate or even create special effects with it. So after isolation of the main subject, it becomes easier to apply other techniques to an image. Although these processes may sound complex and time consuming they are not. These services can be done easily and are also affordable to many clients. If a client is not satisfied, then the editor can make another sample. All trials are free of cost. Many outsourcing companies do not even charge a fee for making free samples. This is a good way to increase trust for first time clients who are ignorant about clipping path services.

All images go through the isolation process in some way or the other. This is the most basic requirement for making pictures look their best. Chose an expert and see how isolation can be used effectively.