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Is There One Best Facial Mask For Aging Skin?

Is There One Best Facial Mask For Aging Skin?

There are two reasons for a facial:


  • hydration and
  • deep cleansing.


The best facial mask for aging skin is a deep active hydrating mask one week and a deep active cleansing mask the following week.

Ideally a hydration mask should be done while you sleep. This isn’t the type of best active masks you daub on and you hide for 30 minutes until you can wash the green goop off. The hydration mask is meant to stay on while you sleep and drench your skin with nutrients. You put it on and in 20 to 30 minutes the mask actually disappears as it soaks into your skin. Next, you wipe off any excess and go to bed knowing you are giving your complexion a moisture bonus.

The mask is a unique combination of 9 plant oils, plant and vitamin based antioxidants and essential fatty acids and lipids


  • XtendTK – a protein extract from organic New Zealand wool that improves firmness and elasticity
  • Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10 – a microscopic version of the powerful antioxidant Co enzyme Q10 that increases firmness and elasticity
  • Natural Vitamin E – a powerful anti-aging antioxidant that prevents age spots
  • Rigin – an enzyme that delays the effects of premature aging
  • Avocado Oil – a nutrient rich moisturizer
  • Macadamia Oil – a nutrient rich moisturizer
  • Active Manuka Honey – a unique honey found only in New Zealand with antibacterial and antioxidant properties
  • Allantoin – a plant extract from comfrey, what and sugar beets that stimulates skin cell growth
  • Cetiol CC, Cegasoft PFO and Cetiol PLG – natural vegetabel moisturizers to soften the skin


All are pure and entirely edible. A critical consideration given what you rub on the outside of your skin can probably end up on the inside in your bloodstream. This is a hydrating mask that works for all skin types no matter the season or the climate.

Combine the hydrating mask every other week with an extra deep cleansing treatment to remove toxins that get into our skin from our techno/industrial environment. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes and then rinse it off.

There are 3 additional ingredients designed to remove grime, moisturize, heal and prevent aging.


  • Kaolin
  • Bentone Gel
  • Shea Butter


Kaolin – a unique clay that absorbs oil and gently pulls grime from the pores

Bentone Gel – another clay extract that increases cleansing

Shea Butter – a natural moisturizer that reduces scars, blemishes and age spots and increases firmness and elasticity.

These active ingredients together make a powerfully effective cleansing mask. Skin is refreshed and glowing.

The hydrating mask and the cleansing mask combined as a team make the best facial mask for aging skin.