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At Ease in an Intex Easy-Set Pool

At Ease in an Intex Easy-Set Pool

Have you ever watched your neighbor in his/her swimming pool or gone to a fabulous pool party and thought; Wow, I wish I could afford a pool. Well, you can with an Intex Easy-Set Pool.

Imagine yourself on a warm summer day, floating in your own Easy-Set above ground pool by Intex.

Here are some advantages of an Intex above Stahlwandpool to Steel-Walled Pools:

Easy-Set Above Ground Pools

1. Assembly- Only a screwdriver required

2. 2 People can set-up the pool in 10 to 30 minutes

3. No sand required

4. Store pool in Winter; simply deflate top ring, allow to dry, fold, and store

5. Affordable

Steel Walled Pools


1. Requires many tools

2. Needs a crew, can take up to 20 hours to assemble

3. Requires 600-2000 pounds of sand

4. Hard to disassemble, can take hours, needs a lot of space for storage

5. Expensive

Easy-Set pools are very durable for many years of fun. These pools are made of super tough 30 gauge sidewalls that are made with 3 separate layers of material for extra strength and durability. Also, an additional incentive to consider: Intex has a toll free phone number with a well trained staff to assist you with any questions or problems that might arise with your pool.

Still have doubts? Think about this—-An Intex Easy-Set above ground pool is affordable, simple to assemble in minutes, hours of refreshing enjoyment, and best of all, if you move, you can take the pool to your new home. Now imagine, you are the neighbor with an Intex Easy-Set pool and have your family and friends to all your fabulous pool parties.

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