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Are You a Pet Care Shop Owner?

So you own a pet care store. Though you hope things stay uncomplicated, your line of business has the potential for specific liability risks. Over the course of a business day anything can happen. Don’t be caught unguarded! Make sure you are prepared by having proper coverage.

Read what others like you encountered. Without the right insurance protection, these incidents could have caused untold headaches along with crushing financial losses.

Best Pets Veterinary Shop Claim Scenarios (that can happen to anyone in the business)

A short wire circuit ignites a small flame in a pet product shop’s building. The small flame turns into a large and damaging fire. This results in $50,000 structure and supply damage. In order to make the necessary repairs, the shop needs to be closed for 30 days. This, of course, translates into more of a loss of income for the shop owner. A property claim is filed.

As a customer accompanied by a dog climbs the steps to a pet supply store, he trips and falls, incurring a fractured arm. The dog also sustains injury because the man fell directly on top of him. Medical bills for the fracture amount to $2,500. Veterinary care for the dog’s leg totals $500. A general liability claim is filed.

While clipping a particular dog’s toenails, the pet care shop owner mistakenly cuts too deep. The dog’s nail becomes very infected. The dog’s owner is not pleased and sues for $5,000. A professional liability claim is filed.

While under a pet shop’s watch, a dog breaks out of his cage and escapes. The dog runs head-on into rush hour traffic, and is killed. Now the shop faces a $2,500 lawsuit. An inland marine claim is filed.
A pet care shop’s boiler pipe breaks due to excess hot water use. The occurrence necessitates closing the business for a significant amount of hours.Naturally, there is income loss. An equipment breakdown claim is filed.

The how’s what’s and if’s of insurance

Acquiring the right type of insurance for your pet supply business may seem like a thorny process. By partnering with a trusted agency that takes the time to explain your options and has the capabilities to locate precise coverage at a low quote, the entire matter becomes simplified. When it comes to coverage, there’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes along with knowing you have put yourself in good hands.