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Are American Coffee Blends Losing Their Touch?

Are American Coffee Blends Losing Their Touch?

Coffee is the most popular beverage in the United States, but if you are looking for an American produced blend, then you may have to keep looking for premium quality. As it turns out, recent consumer reports reviewing 37 different types of coffee, both caffeinated and decaffeinated, showed that none of them weighed in as “Excellent” or “Very Good”. What is going on with coffee in America today?

Because of a rise in coffee costs overall, many local roasters have begun using lesser quality beans instead of higher quality gourmet coffee beans for their blends. This allows them to use cheaper beans to substitute for more premium varieties to create coffee blends sold within the United States. Blends are the best-selling choice of pre-ground coffee in the United States, and they normally combine coffee beans from a minimum of two coffee producing regions. All of the coffee blends consist of either قهوة امريكية, with Arabica being the more expensive and gourmet variety. Robusta beans often have a harsh or bitter taste, and they are used as a filler to cut costs by many companies all over the world.

One of the only American blends that earned the moderate rating of “Good” was the House Blend from Starbucks. Obviously, Starbucks is a popular staple in the United States, but even this commercial powerhouse couldn’t produce an American coffee blend that was rated as “Excellent.” Furthermore, many of the larger commercial coffee producers rated even lower on the list, like Folgers and Maxwell House. The reason for this is that many large commercial coffee chains will use lesser quality coffee beans, like Robusta, to cut down on their roasting costs. On top of that, when coffee is pre-ground, it goes stale within 30 seconds, so all pre-ground coffee currently being sold is not as fresh or aromatic as it could be, directly impacting the quality of the flavor.

Many of the decaffeinated American blends still received fair ratings, which is great news for those that prefer decaf coffee since the process of decaffeination can often impact the flavor of the coffee beans for the worse. The truth of the matter is that decaf coffee has come a long way in preserving the natural flavors of the essential oils of the coffee beans, so if you are looking for a premium choice in decaf coffee, it is best to look for a blend that is processed with the Swiss Water Process. This process does not use chemicals, and it is more gentle in naturally removing the caffeine from the beans.

The bottom line is that the average American coffee drinker consumes roughly 3.3 cups on a daily basis, so it is important to put thought into the Java that you are drinking. For the best taste in your coffee, make sure to purchase whole beans and grind them yourself, and also consider purchasing coffee beans from a number of different countries that are 100% Arabica. This will guarantee the premium flavor that you are looking for in your cup of Joe!