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An Easy Way to Do Garden Weeding in Your Garden

An Easy Way to Do Garden Weeding in Your Garden

Now that spring is here- with it’s warm weather and warm spring rains, you have probably noticed quite a few weeds popping up in your garden recently. I don’t know many people who like taking care of weeds, I might just be the big exception. Personally – I enjoy an afternoon in the spring sun with some great blues or jazz playing on my radio while I slowly work my way across the flower beds, eliminating anything I didn’t plan to have growing there. But if garden weeding is not your cup of tea, especially if it has gotten away from you and now looks like a jungle out there – here is a really easy way to get rid of those pesky weeds with a minimal amount of effort on your part.

First, you will need to purchase some mulching plastic. This is that thick black polyethylene you will see at hardware stores or garden supply stores. It is usually labelled as garden weeding plastic or mulch and is generally sold by the yard or foot, so you will need to measure how long your flower beds are before heading out to the store. The plastic is generally available in three to four feet wide rolls, plenty for most flower beds.

Next, you simply lay the Daily marijuana Weed Store sheeting directly on your flower beds, covering the areas where the weeds have shown up. If you cut an generous “X” wherever a plant is in your flower bed, you can pop them right up through the hole so they are sitting pretty above your plastic mulching. You will want to anchor the plastic sheeting in place with either bricks or rocks, to ensure that it is completely sealing off the area below from any stray seeds that might blow in or allow the heat we are creating to escape. The whole idea behind doing our garden weeding with plastic mulching is to create a heat trap that will kill off the smaller weeds and yet allow your plants, which have been “liberated” from the plastic with those little “x”s you did, to thrive.

You will need to keep the plastic mulching on your flower beds for about a month, to ensure that the roots have died on your weeds before you remove the plastic mulching. Sometimes a weed will grow up between sheets or find purchase around the openings for your plants. Just watch for these and pick them off with a regular old-fashion garden weeding pull. They will be easy to see and eliminate, and soon you will have a completely weed-free flower bed.

Of course, you don’t want to do this every month, so now you need to stay on top of this by either placing organic mulching material such as bark or hay on top of the clean fresh weed-free soil to prevent new weeds from popping up again. Or, of course, you can always hiring someone like me to come by, radio in hand, and pull them out for you each month. I don’t mind, really; I like garden weeding.