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A Very Cheap Buffet in Las Vegas: The Orleans Buffet (Off Strip)

The Orleans all-you-can-eat restaurant is certainly good if you are on a low budget and happen to be in the area. Even if you are staying at the cheaper Gold Coast Hotel and Casino or the more expensive Palms Hotel & Casino, you can enjoy the free shuttle between the Gold Coast and the Orleans and you’re definitely better off at this all-you-can-eat restaurant. Many visitors like this all-you-can-eat restaurant, as well as the fact that this resort does offer other dining and snack options, as well as good cafeterias and even Subway (open 24 hours). We the buffets open las vegas all-you-can-eat restaurant too but, given that we enjoy the best food one can find, this all-you-can-eat restaurant does not really feature amongst the top all-you-can-eat restaurants in this city, in absolute terms. Moreover, if you reason is mainly the price and you are not in the area, it would be foolish to come all the way to the Orleans hotel to eat, unless of course it’s during the weekend. You will usually find comparable choices where you are staying, (except South Strip), especially if you are downtown (in particular the Main Street Station all-you-can-eat restaurant).

In brief, this is not the Bellagio all-you-can-eat restaurant, but then you know that: look at the price difference! It’s a great price, that’s undisputed. As for the actual food, here you will find the usual, average food stations such as Barbeque (good pork ribs and good sauces), Chinese (decent food, better than at some other cheap places), Italian (definitely not as good as the Bellagio’s but then good Italian food is only found at top restaurants or at the Bellagio all-you-can-eat), Mexican, Seafood (no crab and lobster for lunch, but then you usually don’t find these in ‘cheap’ restaurants – you will be able to have crab on Wednesday special dinner) and American (some of them typical of the New Orleans area).

The salad station is large enough and good enough, though don’t expect any exciting choices here, unlike at Cravings, for example. The dessert section is good enough and varied enough.

The breakfast station does include a made-to-order omelette station, which is very popular